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Why submit to Studio 212?

22 Feb

Why submit to Studio 212?.


Why should you SUMBIT yourself to Studio

21 Feb

Art dealers, artists, artists’ resources, tutorials, photography of art works, related services,

Why submit to Studio 212?

21 Feb

Why submit to Studio 212?.




Why submit to Studio 212?

21 Feb

Well, we have a world wide platform that will be available in many languages. This means you will world-wide resources at your finger tips FREE!


Need to find out about an art dealer?  Art gallery?  Raw pigment resources?  How to “tutorials”?

Do y0u want to contribute content other than uyour art works, such as tutorials and how to paint with encaustic medium?

Where to buy Belgian linen canvas? Raw pigments? Fish glue for restoration of art works?

Here are just but a few reasons why you should jump on board for this first year. ALL PREMIUM MEMBERS will have full access to all of our resources.

Studio 212

21 Feb

Imagine, a virtual art gallery for artist from all over the world. It will probably mimich an art dealer’s website when we are ready to go live throught the world.

But for now, we NEED YOU! Artists! It is that simple. Here are the steps needs to get started.

1. SUBMIT your work (maximum pixel size demnsion is 700 pixels, with a dpi(dots per inch) of 72!. Each image MUSt have

the dimensions, medium, Title and date of creation.

2. There is a minimum of images needed.

3. Your brief biography in 300 words or less.



Hello world!

17 Feb

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